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April 1, 2007


Sure. Every car might be a cab!


Here's the story. For four days, I've never took a taxicab in Moscow. For four days my guides used the following routine instead: raised a hand towards the cars riding on the first lane of the highway/boulevard/street and a car (often two or even three) stopped. After a very short negotiation we jumped in and we're gone. Money changed hands, relaxed chatter happened between the fronts sits (in Russian) and eventually we were delivered at the destination.

They were not cabs. They were not previously hired rides. It was all kind of paid hitch-hiking!

You can use any car as a taxi

—Hey, this is Moscow, they say. It would take 30, maybe 45 minutes for a cab to show up with these traffic jams. And who cares about taxicabs, anyway? We have our own scheme. You can use any car as a taxi. 100% efficient: no phone calls on hold, no waiting. Arm raised, cars stop. Better.

—Well, I replied, every capital has taxis and I never — not ever — seen something like this.

—Yes, but this is Moscow, they replied. This is our way.

March 28, 2007

Moscow events

Branding and design lectures and workshops in Moscow

I was invited to Moscow by the bighearted people of Identity Magazine1 to give a lecture and a workshop together with Mr. Tony Spaeth of Identityworks, one of the most prominent branding experts alive. Our lectures were part of the 13th edition of Design and Advertising exhibition, the largest Russian event of the trade — where Identity Magazine's booth presented all Best of the Best 2007 entries (competition for which Tony and I were members of the jury).


Identity Magazine's booth at the 13th edition of Design and Advertising exhibition in Moscow.

Tony promoted in both the lecture and the workshop his corporate rebranding analysis tool, the Corporate Brand Matrix.


Hands-on session with Tony Spaeth's Corporate Brand Matrix at British Higher School of Art and Design (BHSAD).


Tony's lecture "Corporate Branding — Towards a unified theory" on Corporate Brand Matrix at Design and Advertising exhibition.

My lecture named "Design: a business escalator" was about using design as a business tool able to leverage the power of challenger companies attacking difficult markets.


My lecture "Design: a business escalator" at Design and Advertising exhibition.

I found dealing with consecutive translation (the were far too many people for simultaneous translation) a bit tricky, but — with the help of a very acknowledged translator — I managed to pull it off without losing the contact with my public. Their applause warmed my heart and the Q&A session went on and on, revealing a mighty interested and motivated audience.

My workshop "Brand idea: a designer's Swiss army knife", took place at the [British Higher School of Art and Design (BHSAD)] in Moscow — one of the most important centers of design education in Russia, run by young people.


My workshop "Brand idea: a designer's Swiss army knife" at British Higher School of Art and Design (BHSAD).

The workshop was about design strategy — using brand idea techniques for developing vast and complex identity programs — for an audience comprising of designers and identity professionals. I had simultaneous translation this time and the show went on exactly as planned.


A part of the audience — "Best of the Best" organizers and British Higher School of Art and Design students.

There were two hours of workshop followed by almost two hours of Q&A with a wonderful audience — it felt really good to see the young Russian designers so interested and smart. A terrific evening — absolutely exhausting, but great nevertheless.

1 Identity is the only high-profile printed magazine focused on corporate and product identity I have knowledge of. Unfortunately, until now its content was in Russian making it difficult to be globally accepted. All this will change, and from the next issue — its editors promises — it will be bilingual (Russian and English).