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March 25, 2010

Brandient 101 — The Book

I find it hard to express how thrilled I am to announce today Brandient's first book: Brandient 101. Here it is:

Brandient 101 — Romanian graphic identities, 224 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-973-0-07554-0, Bucharest, 2010.

Brandient 101, limited edition of 101, numbered and signed. Click here or on the image to enlarge.

Brandient 101

Award winning corporate identities, category leading packaging capable of catching both the eye and the heart of the hurried shopper, brand strategy problems solved by design.

  • 101 graphic identities created by Brandient between 2002 and 2010;
  • Limited edition of 101, numbered and signed by Aneta Bogdan;
  • Bilingual edition in English and Romanian;
  • 224 pages, hardcover, full color;
  • ISBN 978-973-0-07554-0.

Available today, only at Cărturești Verona bookstore, Bucharest.

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