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January 23, 2008



The first received e-mail stored in my trusty (yet exceptionally ugly) Eudora archives dates back to 27 February 1997. That was (almost) 11 years ago.

My previous e-mails—from 1995 to 1997—are lost. Don't worry, I had 11 years to get over it. Anyway; people, names, dates—having a BIG searchable archive proves to be very useful sometimes.

Internet. Just to put things in perspective: in 1997 Yahoo was still nursing its post-IPO hangover. Google was not incorporated yet. Hell, the internet domain google.com was still free! Yeah, I know.

Questions: How old is the oldest e-mail message stored on your computer? Will you keep the mails you've got today until—say—2019, 11 years from now?