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September 30, 2007

I ♥ LL


Brandient (and myself as well) feels LogoLounge's love for quite a while now. Let me explain:

  • 2004 – LogoLounge 2 book features Brandient works;
  • 2005 – Bill invites me to be part of LogoLounge 3 international jury;
  • 2006 – LogoLounge 3 book features me (the merciless juror, ha!);
  • 2006 – Bill likes my Radiocom and Domo identites and my Smartree packaging and writes beautiful words about them in Identity Magazine at Best of the Best 2006 in Moscow;
  • 2006 – In his 2006 Trends Report, published in the April issue of Graphic Design USA magazine, Bill features Brandient work: Radiocom and Europharm;
  • 2006 – Cathy kindly offers me the opportunity of an interview as featured designer on LL;
  • 2007 – Europharm logo on LL's home-page (see the picture above).

What can I say? Thank you, Bill Gardner. Thank you, Cathy Fishel.

September 29, 2007


Kit·blog enters fifth year today

Fife good, five bad, Cristian -Kit- Paul,

Will the 5th be a good year? A bad one?


For almost one year at the current address (, previously located on my .Mac account (, this blog approaches 1000 posts—one freaking thousand?!?—and counts over 600 self-made photos. Four years of blogging, some pretty good, some not so great and a platform change that felt more like starting over.


Thank you for stopping by and reading this blog.

While every visit makes me feel good, still, I'm doing my best to keep this blog a little pensive and away from being a middlebrow affair. Thank you for stopping by and reading it.

Thank you for subscribing to my feed. For me, this means that you care about what I'll concoct next. Thanks.

Years don't mean much when a blog is dead. And with no comments, nor e-mails, it would be—I do appreciate each and every comment and e-mail (yes, even when I'm too busy to reply). Thank you for sparing the time to share a thought.


Que Sera, Sera / Whatever will be, will be / The future's not ours, to see / Que Sera, Sera / What will be, will be.