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January 1, 2007

Notes about 2006

Here are a few points that — for me — will make 2006 a year to remember:


- Who would've thought a few years ago that Romania will be able to join the European Union? This, in my opinion, is the single most important landmark event since the 1989 Revolution, a move that will shape our future history.

- A once in a life-time event was the public condemnation of communism and the former communist regime, the Lustration Bill and the establishment of the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes (IICC).

- Crawled right out of the sewer for "a bit of the old Ultra-Violence" in 2006: Mr. Vadim and Mr. Voiculescu. Those Droogs should be reformed by means of The Ludavico Treatment. But, just like in the movie — real horror show! — instead of joining "the smelly perverts and hardened crustoodniks" in jail, those two remained top dogs in "a job for two, who are now of job age, the police." Political police, that is.

Becali claimed victory in Romania's presidential runoff

- Mass media people have little reason for sleeping well at night since in 2006 they proved once again idiotic in a self-distructive kind of way by promoting "the knight" of the extreme-right, Mr. Becali, a growing force that once created by reckless media is rapidly becoming a serious menace. The tabloid channel ProTV proved surprisingly dedicated in this matter.


- The incredible boost this opportunity and this new found confidence gave to business, especially in the last few months.

- On the downside, one notable fact was the rumor started by a financial newspaper about unrealistically huge median salaries available on the market, especially in marketing-related positions.


- I enjoyed quite a few great small-budget movies in 2006, like The Squid and the Whale, Me and You and Everyone We Know. 2006 seems like it was a good year for Romanian cinematographers with premieres for A fost sau n-a fost and Hartia va albastra, Catalin Mitulescu's How I Celebrated the End of the World and Tudor Giurgiu's Love Sick (Legaturi bolnavicioase)

What would you add to the list? What were the notable events that marked 2006 for you?

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