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January 13, 2007

Do you know Dan Silian?

Does anyone know this last good samaritan?

What happened

A few days ago I remembered that being part of the European Union now means that we can buy dot-eu domains so I logged into my registrar's web page to buy brandient.eu domain name.

To my surprise, I found that brandient.eu has been taken. Bought on January 5th, 2007, only a couple of days before, through a French registrar.

Strange — I thought — but maybe somebody in France doesn't mind the number of hits this brand name returns in Google and thinks — Hey, forget those Romanians, we're French!

Somebody in Iasi cares for us

Digging deeper revealed that although the Registrar is French, the guy who bought the name is very, very Romanian. From Iasi, actually.

His name is Dan (Marius) Silian, his email address is silian_dan@yahoo.com and some of the traces he left across the internet imply that he speaks French and may be a weekend student in the first year (Series B - P9B) at The National Institute of Economic Development1 with a passion for Linux as a hobby. He's not very talkative, though, and he keeps a low profile.

He's obviously an altruistic, decent kind of guy. He bought brandient.eu to protect it from the bad guys, I'm sure.

I mean, there is no way somebody can take out his credit card and buy a name oblivious to the massive number of search engine hits that name generates, isn't it? Moreover, the chances that the person is from the very same country as the de jure owner of the trademark is downright infinitesimal. So he must've been well aware of what he's doing. And I refuse to believe he's the kind of scumbag that we usually see (it happens a lot more often than you believe it) employing this kind of blackmail tactics for a profit. No, not that, nor an idiot that blindly buys random domains off the internet. He must be a charitable soul.

Thank him and keep in touch

So, if you know this generous soul, or if you happen to acquaint with him, please let me know — no matter how long has passed from the day this post was written, days, months or years — I want to know how he's doing, if he's alright and what he's up to lately. I just want to know this guy's life better and keep an eye on him, throughout his life.

This is really important so I'll stress it again: please — if you have any kind of news about him, hit the comments below or shoot me an

Thank you!

Also, send him my best regards and my advice to take good care of this particular acquisition. Even though Brandient will never pay one dollar for his kind services, he won our eternal friendship, which — as I'm sure he will understand — is priceless.

1 INDE is a post - graduate program of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in partnership with the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers - Paris, which kind of explains why he bought the domain through a French registrar.

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